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I want to introduce you to Carmen Kavita who comes to talk about her clothing store Liquimbá . Liquimbá is not a usual clothing store, at Liquimbá the designs are made by Carmen and the clothes are manufactured in India. Carmen travels to India every winter with her designs in mind, buys the fabrics and there she hires a usually small family factory with which she works directly to produce the garments.

Skirts with colored fabrics

Although she designs her clothes herself, she does not consider herself a designer. According to her she likes to take the dresses and «add and remove things here and there». I think that anyone who makes their own designs of clothes, choosing fabrics, cuts etc. is a designer. So whether you like it or not Carmen, we assign you the title of designer XD. Here we go with the interview.

Colorful dresses

– Tell us about your clothes first, how would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration for your designs? What are your favorite designs?

My clothes are clothes made with a lot of love. It is clothing with a bohemian and fresh touch. The color, the light of the south and the mixture of India is what inspires me in each collection. In my collections, every woman can find her pledge. I really like long dresses, open backs, classic hippie cuts, simple and wide models ….

– One very important thing for me is the production system of clothing with the theme of the exploitation of seamstresses, including child exploitation, in developing countries. Tell us who and how make your clothes and where you get the fabrics.

Carmen sits on a pile of clothes colors
India is a country where man is the protagonist of the labor scene. Those who sew are men mostly. For me it is essential and paramount that my clothes are made in factories where people are respected. There are no children. I work in small family factories where work schedules are respected and where workers enjoy their fundamental rights. The fabrics and materials I buy in markets of the capital, New Delhi … from there I send it to the factory and we start the process.

– Finally, tell us a little about your stores, both the physical stores and the online store. How did you start? What has worked for you? And where do you feel you are now?

I started buying Afghan pants in Madrid, in Cascorro and I sold them on the beach in Bolonia, Tarifa … So I started meeting people who gave me information about India. My love for India and my taste for fashion made me one day take my backpack and start this project, Liquimbá. I’ve been working on it for 7 years and travelling to India. I have to say that my project would not make sense without this country.
Dress rojp

Now I have two points of sale in two beach bars on the coast of Campo de Gibraltar. One at the beach bar DBlanco on Alcaidesa beach and the other at the beach bar Bahía Limón, Torreguadiaro. I also have an online store:


So, there you go… ethical clothes, beautiful and at very affordable price made by Carmen with a lot of love. And it also has men’s line with some beautiful prints.

Colorful shirts

Nico and I visited her store the other day and we can say that there is a lot of love in each garment and it shows. Thanks Carmen!

Chiringuito con ropa

Bomber de colores

Pendientes de mujer


Paños orientales

Camisa colorida

Vestidos de colores


This post is part of the series of women entrepreneurs of the Campo de Gibraltar that you can follow here . We have more posts in English you can read here.

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