Homemade fruit sorbet recipe

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It is full swing summer here now and we are making the most of it. For the last few summers, we have been making homemade fruit sorbet with the hand blender. Last year I was looking at ice cream making machines but the methods those use aren’t significantly better than the method that I’m sharing here. The trick is to freeze the fruit first and then blend it with cream or other ingredients, so it gets creamy.

Cooking with kids is great and this fruit sorbet is a pretty easy recipe they can do with very little help. Captain America chose and chopped the fruit (I helped him because even if he is a super hero he gets tired of course) and this morning he reminded me that there was fruit in the freezer to finish the ice cream 🙂

Niños disfrazado de capitan america

For those who are dairy free like us  due to Andy’s allergy, we make it without milk/cream or use dairy free substitutes. We make the fruit sorbet with seasonal fruits, especially the over-ripe ones and agave syrup or sugar to sweeten. When Nico was smaller I used to make them without sugar but now we sweeten them a little more. He loves it and I know he’s eating fruit.

Recipe of homemade fruit sorbet

  • Chop the fruit and put it in a bowl in the freezer for several hours until it is completely frozen. I find peaches and bananas the best fruit to use. Paraguaya (donut peach) ice cream has very good flavour and creamy texture. The melon and the watermelon have much more water, they go well but the water tends to form ice crystals more. Today’s ice cream has peach, banana and a very ripe red plum. The more flavor the fruit has the better, so using very ripe fruit works well. Those bananas that turn blackish already or the soft peaches … perfect!

Chopped fruit in bowl

  • Half an hour before making the ice cream, remove the fruit from the fridge and let it thaw a little. Depending on the amount and heat, you may need a little more. The fruit should be frozen in the middle but soft on the outside.
  • Add sugar or agave syrup to taste. I add a little here and then a little more to decorate. You can also add cream or vegetable creams of oatmeal or soy. With the cream it’s more creamy without doubt. Today we did not have any to hand so without cream.
  • Blend the fruit with the blender, if you have Thermomix processor or other powerful food processor: 30 seconds to 10. We have a Lidl food processor (Monsieur Cuisine) but today we have gone with the normal hand blender to show that it can also be done without a Thermomix. With a Thermomix or the Lidl version the results are creamier!

Blender passing fruit

Adding cream or not

Once blended you will notice that it is consistent but creamy. It is not as creamy as the industrial ice cream though made with the Thermomix and adding the cream it comes close. Yu can add normal cream or use soy or oat cream to make it lactose free. It will be creamier. But it is actually quite nice without, more like a sorbet.

fruit ice cream in bowl

Serve and decorate to taste. We have decorated with agave syrup and cinnamon.

Fruit ice cream served in boles

And now to cool down!

It might interest you recipe of Mouse de chocolate sin lactosa.

Do you make ice cream at home? With or without a refrigerator?

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